Lean In to Public Discussions About Important Issues

​Joining with fellow citizens to examine and explore issues vital to the health and welfare of our democracy is perhaps the most fundamental responsibility we all share.  Youthworks plans to convene such conversations and open them to any and all Mainers.  We also will list here other opportunities to learn and share perspectives. 


  • Our Living Conversations Project is being organized now! If you and some fellow students wish to join please contact Jed Graboys at jsgrab23@colby.edu


  • Participate in statewide organizations that are hosting free webinars and discussions about critical topics – Maine League of Women Voters, Natural Resource Council of Maine

If you like thinking, discussing and planning, help us to create a more audible youth voice in Maine, join the youth steering committee for Youthwork Makes the Boothwork, contact Emanuel Pariser emanuel@gwi.net, or Jed Graboys, jsgrab23@colby.edu for more information on how to join.