Election Day

Engaging Young Americans in the Power of our Polling Places


Welcome to Youthwork Makes the Boothwork!  Our site connects you with ways to engage in the elections in your city, town, county and nation.  


ELECTION 2020: Opportunity of a Lifetime for Young Americans…


  • To play an essential role at all polling places, especially where COVID-19 endangers older pollworkers;

  • To learn first-hand the rewards and challenges of exercising this basic responsibility and right;

  • To experience personally what it means to engage in our democracy.


Our Election 2020 resources are a click away.  Find out how you can participate directly in the election process, how you and educators can design learning modules for the fall (both in-person and remote applications), and why it’s so important that young Americans get involved.  Here are our three sets of resources for you:

How You Can Help at The Polls

Steps to contacting, volunteering, and working in your local polling place in November; materials to assist you in approaching polling officials and party leaders.

Making this Part of Your Learning

Strategies and materials to design learning modules acceptable to your school or college: strategies and resources for teachers/professors and students to enrich this experience (for credit).


A Call to

Articles, podcasts and other resources that make the argument for youth involvement in our elections; particular focus on 2020 when polling places will need more personnel to stay open and accessible.


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