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  • If you are reading this message, most likely you are aware that many issues we are voting on in this election will affect you for decades including financing for your post-secondary study options, climate change,  racial justice, and job security. 

  • Young people like yourselves are often at the forefront of community protests or organized events on issues that often change society.   Unfortunately, on average only 23% of eligible 18 – 19-year-old do vote.

  • Compare that with about 70% of people 60 and above who vote regularly.

  • Research has shown that if young people turned out at the same rates as older citizens, American democracy would be transformed. Students who begin voting at a young age tend to remain as active voters for the rest of their lives.

  • YMTB is working already with a growing number of people like you who are energetic and available to make a difference this year.  

  • YWTB is offering an opportunity for you to engage fully in the electoral process and feel the rewards of serving your communities. 



  • The pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval to the nation and threatens the integrity of this year’s election.  If there are not enough people to serve as polling judges or to help keep the booths clean and lines efficient. Polling centers could be overwhelmed and forced to shut down before everyone has a chance to cast their ballot.

  • Older workers who are most vulnerable to the virus, are not volunteering at the same numbers as before.  The likely increase in the number of mail-in in ballots may require more people to assist with the tallying.  This is why we need a team of people prepared to help.

  • 2020 is likely the most consequential election in American history.  What could be more powerful than knowing that you, a young person aged 15 – 24 helped a historic election take place with the highest election turnout in the last 100 years?



  • YouthWork Makes the BoothWork provides a navigation tool to enlist your effort to not only help at the polls but register to vote yourselves.  We need to enlist young people to lead the nation. We are working with town and city officials and reaching out to high schools, colleges, and local service clubs to recruit a new generation to help at the polls and keep voting and democracy alive. 

Vote buttons on flag
Maine Compass: How young Americans can help save democracy

Cities and towns will need extra help this year on Election Day. The coronavirus isn’t only a threat to our lives, it’s become a threat to our democracy. Voters are feeling unsafe about going to the polls this fall. Many people don’t understand how to use the absentee ballot. And, town and city officials are worried about recruiting enough poll workers to keep our most sacred American right a safe and rewarding activity. How can we protect that right? - Maine Compass

Youth Work Makes the Booth Work

Youth Work Makes the Booth Work is a new organization in Maine aimed at getting teens to serve as poll workers. - News Center Maine

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The Youth Vote: Voting Trends & Attitudes Among Young People and Impacts on the 2020 Election

A recent Harvard survey found that 68 percent of young people say they will "definitely be voting" in 2020—a notable increase over past years. We discuss trends in youth voting, including what obstacles they face, their attitudes, and what is being done in Maine to increase participation in democracy among the younger generation.

Maine Public

Bill Nemitz: This is what teen democracy looks like

Just when I needed it most, my faith in the future of our democracy got a boost last week. No, it wasn’t the latest round of polling data. Nor was it the presidential debate that, lo and behold, actually turned out to be a debate. (Nice job, moderator Kristen Welker.) It came from a group of teenagers. -

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